Child Denied Halo 3 Goes On Rampage!!!!

Posted November 1, 2007 by Megaton News in Halo 3

Video Games Make Kids Kill

 From the state of Florida and the TCPalm:

A juvenile fan of the video game Halo 3 is accused of punching his mother after she forced him to end his game Sunday night and fighting with sheriff’s deputies as they tried to restrain him, according to reports released Wednesday.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Harnage reported responding to the family’s home at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday in reference to an “out-of-control child.”

The parents told deputies their son was playing Halo 3, and it was getting late and he needed to shut it off. When the son refused to turn off the game, the parents reportedly took the air card out of his machine so he couldn’t play anymore.

Reports show the son became enraged, went through the house looking for the air card, and then punched his mother, prompting the parents to call the Sheriff’s Office.

After the boy retreated to his bedroom and locked it, the mother knocked on the door and told him he needed to come out and talk to the deputies, the report stated. But the juvenile allegedly responded with profanity.

Harnage and another deputy entered the room using a key from the parents to arrest the son, according to the report. The son fought the deputies – at one time punching Harnage on the lip – until they handcuffed him.

He was later turned over to state juvenile authorities on charges of battery-domestic violence and battery on a law-enforcement officer.

The son’s and parents’ names are being withheld because of the juvenile’s age.

Good thing they were able to get this kid behind bars before he could get his hands on Manhunt 2.



    what tha hell it’s just a game play it in the morning


    This is why many make the link to kids who play video games to being violent, because of idiots like him.

    seven7777777s (contact this name on xbox live)

    video games dont make kids do that! stupid news reporters, that kids just a bad example!


    Actually video games do have the influence to turn people into psychos. Stupid people that is. People with no life and no ability to discern between reality and fantasy. Such individuals are more common than you think.

    I used to think that the minute I stop playing, I’d stop breathing altogether. Threw controllers onto walls, play against near-impossible CPU-derived odds while cursing/blaming everything in sight (my lil bro always question my sanity on this), cancel outings with friends just so I could play and having my day dictate by video games (win = good day, lose = bad day ….for the whole day). This was years ago when I was in my teens… I believe I was one of the saner crowd.

    I also bought stacks of CD/DVDs that I think were a total waste of my time and $$ and are collecting dust on the shelf. Ugh.. hundreds of dollars better spent elsewhere.

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