Game Republic Shut Down

Posted June 3, 2011 by Megaton News in Playstation 3

Game Republic Closed

Rumor has quickly turned to evidence today that Game Republic is no more, amidst much speculation, and a warning that there would only be a limited number of days left before Game Republic’s digital download version of the PSP game Brave Story would be available on PSN, due to “expiring contracts”, more solid confirmations appeared on Kotaku that the head of Game Republic, in the face of mounting debts, had to flee the country or at the very least go into some form of hiding to avoid typical, as well as more nefarious, creditors. Today it seems that Game Republic’s phone line has literally been disconnected, and that they are no more.

For those not in the know Game Republic has created quite a few interesting niche, but lackluster selling games, such as Folklore for the PS3, and the recent multi-platform title Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

Game Republic was by no means a perfect developer, all of their most interesting titles were flawed in some way or another, but they were interesting titles, something this generation seems unwilling to support for the most part.


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