Hitman Absolution Screens Give Hope – Closed Doors Don’t

Posted June 6, 2011 by Megaton News in Images

Hitman Absolution DisguisedHitman Absolution High

These newly released Hitman Absolution screens, show off some very nice visuals, especially for the Hitman series, though 47 being on a small ledge in the sky is slightly troubling given that he’s not supposed to be an acrobat like that Creed guy, but we can assume there’s a hatch above that ledge or something that he dropped down from.

What’s truly troubling is that, while Hitman will be appearing at E3, it will only be behind closed doors to the press.

Hitman Absolution Closed Doors

Now of course this could simply be what they think is the best way to build the hype, it could also mean they don’t have full confidence in their game, and need to limit any public scrutiny, and god forbid take notes from the biggest dumbest members of the press, IGN employees for example.

If they screw up this series I say we dig up Aeris and kill her again.


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