Makers Of The Witcher Series Announce Cyberpunk RPG

Posted May 30, 2012 by Megaton News in PC

CD Project Red, the creators of The Witcher series, had their pre-E3 summer conference this afternoon. They opened up the conference with some good news, stating that The Witcher 2 has now sold 1.7 million copies. That includes that Enhanced Edition releases for PC and Xbox 360. Well deserved for this company that focuses on the purity of game design, avoiding the roller-coaster style games that have become so prevalent from most western developers these days.

They also announced that they are going to be making a Mac version of The Witcher 2, and a version for Japan.

They promoted The Witcher 1 backup copy, which all owners of The Witcher can redeem on GOG, you just need your serial number.

The big news of the conference that they’ve been teasing is that they picked up and are developing a game based on the Cyberpunk pen & paper license. There was lots of name dropping of Blade Runner, and the creator of Cyberpunk Mike Pondsmith came out to hype up the upcoming game.

Cyberpunk RPG Goals

They describe the game as a “AAA” title, that their second team has been working on already, and they promised that this game will be unlike The Witcher in one big way, you will be able to select from classes rather than the single character story of The Witcher. Not too many details yet, but if you’ve played The Witcher and are at all interested in the Cyberpunk theme you shouldn’t need details, you should just want it made as soon as possible.

Cyberpunk RPG

This concept art was the only piece of meat CD Project Red was willing to through out to it’s fans so soak it in.


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