Dead or Alive 5 Ships 580,000 Copies

Posted October 29, 2012 by Megaton News in Playstation 3

Dead or Alive 5 Mila

At face value 580,000 doesn’t sound like a terrible number for a modern day fighter not named Street Fighter, but it is. First that 580,000 is just the number of copies shipped  to retailers, it’s between two platforms, and that’s worldwide. We already know that Dead or Alive 5 sold worse than Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in America, and those numbers for Tekken were pretty terrible themselves.

It’s really unfortunate to see these two fighting games finally bringing their A game, and not being rewarded with some half-way decent sales. I guess they hit a little too late in this worn out console generation to really make an impact. It would be really nice if Dead or Alive 5 took the TTT2 approach, and released a content complete version for the Wii U, and see if some of the Tecmo Koei x Nintendo friendliness can give them any sort of a boost. It would be sad if the first time since the Dreamcast that the characters seem remotely humanoid, rather than purely like porcelain dolls come-to-life, the game is completely rejected by the general public.



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