Endless Summer

Endless Summer Coming from Bethesda

Perhaps an early look at a big E3 reveal from Bethesda today via a rating classification from the Australian Classification Board. Endless Summer is now listed by the classification board as an MA 15+ game with strong horror th...

Doom 3 BFG Edition

Doom 3 BFG Edition Is Coming

Bethesda either feels like they need to squeeze some cash out of their mistaken investment in id, or Doom 4 is coming sooner than expected, because they just announced the HD collection that nobody ever asked for, Doom 3 BFG Ed...

Rage The Well Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda has put out a new extended gameplay trailer for Rage, and it’s not looking any more impressive, it still looks like nothing more than an action version of Fallout 3, and while that may be more than enough for som...

Prey 2 Pre E3 Video

Spike’s pre E3 extravaganza included this trailer for Prey 2, the developers better be praying that it’s better than Prey 1 if they want to effectively compete against all the other mediocre console shooters on the ...

Brink Class Gameplay Trailer

They put out a new Brink gameplay trailer today. Seems like we’ve seen a lot of this game, but not really enough, perhaps that reflects the substance of the game itself, or just a promotional strategy. This trailer attemp...

Elder Scrolls MMO Rumored

From teamxbox: Our buddies from VE3D have discovered that ZeniMax Media, the owner of Bethesda Softworks, has purchased the ELDERSCROLLSONLINE.COM domain name. When you take into account that ZeniMax received a $300 million inv...

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