Star Wars The Old Republic E3 Game Features Preview

BioWare released this E3 preview trailer for The Old Republic, shows off a little bit of everything, even the vehicles, and some cute little space battles. SWTOR looks OK I suppose, but it doesn’t look much better than St...

Dragon Age 2 Destiny CG Trailer

It seems Bioware isn’t changing strategies when it comes to advertising Dragon Age games. Present a God of War style we’re so hardcore attitude, and then cover it in blood. Dissappointing that they continue to treat...

BioWare MMO Based In Knights Of The Old Republic Universe

Primotech is reporting that BioWare’s new MMO will be based in the Star Wars KOTOR universe, saying: “A source close to BioWare confirmed to us today that the studio’s upcoming untitled massively-multiplayer onli...

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