Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Japanese Trailer

Nintendo put up a preview video for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the Japanese Nintendo Channel. From this video you can see that there will be an overworld, random battles, and some of the best graphics ever seen on the DS. A big s...

Art Academy Gets US Retail Release

Nintendo of America has announced that the wonderful DSiWare downloadable series Art Academy will be compiled into a full retail DS cart release in America. Best of all it will only cost 19.99! Art Academy launches in the US Oc...

Okamiden New Character Trailer

The gameplay is looking much more interesting in this trailer, mostly due to the unveiling of the seconary characters. Mermaid girl should be the main non-dog character instead of the ugly boy.

NPD Sales Numbers For June 2010

NPD for June changes things up a little bit with the Xbox 360 just┬ábarely taking the number 2 spot thanks to stock clearing sales on the old model 360’s and the release of the 360 short. Red Dead and Galaxy 2 continue to...

Nintendo Announces Nintendo 3DS – No Glasses 3D Handheld

Nintendo of Japan has announced the successor to the DS, the “3DS” (may not be the final name). It will be 3D without the need for glasses. It will be completely new hardware, not just a DS with 3D screens, but it w...

Chrono Trigger DS Announced

OK you can stop waiting for a Virtual Console release people, Square has announced they will be making an enhanced port of Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, much like the Final Fantasy Advance releases for GBA. The game will ...

Ubisoft Chibis Up Prince Of Persia: The Fallen King – For DS

Ubisoft is once again proving that they have no idea what gamers want. First they turn the good natured hero Prince into the dark┬áPrince, now just because he’s on the DS they have to turn him into the squatty little boy ...

Space Invaders Extreme DS Images

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New Final Fantasy IV Videos

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