Endless Summer

Endless Summer Coming from Bethesda

Perhaps an early look at a big E3 reveal from Bethesda today via a rating classification from the Australian Classification Board. Endless Summer is now listed by the classification board as an MA 15+ game with strong horror th...

Watch Dogs

New Ubisoft IP Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo

With Sony and Nintendo still left to go, so far Ubisoft is the clear winner of E3, even if only for Watch Dogs alone. This game with no platforms as of yet, the guy demoing the game was playing with a generic PC controller, loo...

3DS Wins lol

Bigger Screen 3DS Is Coming

According to Nikkei, the most reliable possible source when it come to Nintendo leaks, a 3DS revision is coming as early as this summer, not unexpected really. The important part of this rumor is that they will be increasing th...

Unreal Engine 4 Demo

Unreal Engine 4 Tease

Gametrailers/Spike’s GTTV are teasing their Unreal Engine 4 demo, which they will be airing next Thursday. In this promo ad for the upcoming episode of GTTV you can get the slightest of glimpses of what they will be showi...

Metal Gear Rising Raiden

Konami’s Pre-E3 Conference Is Watchable

Well Konami once again decided that pre-taping was the best choice for their pre-E3 conference, and once again they were wrong. The conference was slow, overwrought, and had no surprises whatsoever, but it did have a couple tra...

Guardians of Middle Earth

Guardians Of Middle Earth Full Trailer Tonight

The lesser titles of E3 are being unveiled early tonight courtesy of Spike TV and Gametrailers.com. This game, teased as a mystery game before the titles were all leaked, is making use of the well worn Lord of the Rings movie l...

Ubisoft E3 Teaser

Ubisoft Teasing A New Game For E3

Ubisoft, the French publisher behind titles ranging from Assassin’s Creed to Horsez, has decided to tease one of their E3 reveals. Sending these three pictures to professional viral marketer Wario64 via Twitter, with appa...

Gears of War Game Informer Magazine Cover

New Gears Of War Appearing At E3

In a promotional story for the latest Game Informer cover partially unveiled the newest entry in the Gear of War franchise. They said the name will have to wait until it is fully unveiled at E3, but they did release this cover ...

Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain Creator’s Next Game At E3

If you’ve been clamoring for a new point and click adventure game without the pointing and clicking, and with insanely detailed character models you’re likely about to get what you want at E3. According to Computer ...

Playstation Vita Not Coming This Year – Except In Japan

Sony dude Jack Tretton was on Gametrailers live E3 coverage just now, and when asked if this year meant fiscal year ending in March 2012, or this year ending December 2011, Jack clarified that the PSVita will not be hitting Ame...

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