Need for Speed Most Wanted

Next Need For Speed Is Most Wanted By Criterion

It looks like Burnout is finally and truly dead, and Criterion is now the go to developer for slightly higher quality entries in the near shovelware racing series Need for Speed. The announcement was made on the Need for Spee...

Mass Effect 3 Walking Dead Trailer

The Walking Dead Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Tonight on AMC during the broadcast of The Walking Dead Bioware will be showing off a new CG trailer for Mass Effect 3. From the teaser trailer for the real trailer, it seems the Reapers are going to be focusing their attacks o...

The Secret World Characters

EA Summer Showcase Recap

EA had their Summer Showcase event today, and those of you with hopes of new game footage or new game announcements will be disappointed, and after today you should just be happy that EA hasn’t announced that they’r...

Star Wars The Old Republic E3 Game Features Preview

BioWare released this E3 preview trailer for The Old Republic, shows off a little bit of everything, even the vehicles, and some cute little space battles. SWTOR looks OK I suppose, but it doesn’t look much better than St...

SSX Trick It Gameplay Video

EA put out a new video from their upcoming SSX reboot, and while it still seems to be missing a lot of charm, and proper level design, at least some of the mechanics on display seem to be working right here, though this new ter...

SSX Reboot Pre E3 Teaser

Another trailer out of Geoff Keighly’s vanity project #46, it’s of course a teaser that conveys absolutely nothing about the game, so if you have any hope left for this being a true successor to SSX Tricky, or SSX 3...

Shadows Of The Damned Halloween Trailer

Grasshopper put out this Halloween video for Shadows Of The Damned today. Not much more to see since the Tokyo Game Show reveal. Video Games | Shadows of the Damned | Halloween Trailer HD XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Dragon Age 2 Destiny CG Trailer

It seems Bioware isn’t changing strategies when it comes to advertising Dragon Age games. Present a God of War style we’re so hardcore attitude, and then cover it in blood. Dissappointing that they continue to treat...

Alice Madness Returns – American McGee’s Alice 2 First Images and Trailer

EA finally released some media for the Alice sequel Alice: Madeness Returns. It looks like the real deal, the same atmosphere and style with a modern graphical upgrade. The teaser trailer is short, but shows us that they won...

Darlspore Announced

EA today announced their latest Maxis game Darkspore. Not a very creative name for a Spore spinoff, though I suppose it’s better than Spore: Dark. Darkspore will be a Diablo style game with the twist on the formula being ...

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