Fable 3 Boxart

Fable III Boxart Notice it features the “only on Xbox 360 AND Windows” stamp. Hopefully that means PC gamers will be able to get their hands on Fable 3, but more likely Microsoft just slipped up with the early box art.

Rockstar Announces GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony

The second of Rockstar’s Xbox 360 exclusive DLC will be titled The Ballad Of Gay Tony. You will not be playing Gay Tony however, because Rockstar isn’t daring enough to have you play a gay lead character, you will p...

Rumored Image Of Microsofts Home/Mii Ripoff “Gamerpad”

Microsoft embracing the racist culture of the Xbox Live community.

Xbox 360 Premium Getting A $50 Price Drop Weekend Of July 6

From a Kmart ad posted by someone on HighDefDigest meh…

Mass Effect C.E. And Bonus Disc Available Only In Select Countries

From the BioWare community coordinator: I have recieved an update from our publisher about what regions the LCE or bonus disc will be available. I know it isn’t what many of you wanted to hear, but I did say we’d le...

Child Denied Halo 3 Goes On Rampage!!!!

 From the state of Florida and the TCPalm: A juvenile fan of the video game Halo 3 is accused of punching his mother after she forced him to end his game Sunday night and fighting with sheriff’s deputies as they tried to res...

Microsoft and Bungie Split It’s Official

Yes it’s official you should believe all internet rumors posted on any random newspapers user blogs. From a Microsoft press release: Microsoft Corp. today announced a plan for Bungie Studios, the developers of the Halo fr...

Halo Edition 360 RROD

New 65nm Falcon Xbox 360’s STILL Getting The RROD

After Microsofts more than 1 billion dollar warranty extension for RROD problems, reports of new heatsinks, and finally the release of the cooler running 65nm chips we presumed Microsoft had gotten it’s hardware act toge...

Game Informer Declares Microsoft Bungie Split Really Is Happening

From Game Informer: Our source stated that Bungie is “tired of Making Halo, and didn’t want to do future Halo games.” For an unstated, but significant amount of money, Bungie shareholders bought the studio name back from ...

Halo DS Was Real

Matt Casamassina of IGN has taken a lot of heat for claiming in a podcast that Halo DS had been in development, he’s made promise after promise that he would provide evidence of it’s existence, and he finally has...

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