Playstation 3
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Youtube Tags

Sony Shockingly Shameless

There has been some discussion on the internet about whether or not Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal is anything other than a blatant ripoff of Super Smash Bros. Well Sony themselves have decided to take a position on the iss...

Beyond Ellen Page

Heavy Rain Followup Beyond: Two Souls First Screens

Ellen Page is in this game, for real this time. Sony apparently thinks Ellen Page’s face can sell games, because along with her lookalike in Last Of Us, her visage will be starring in the next Quantic Dream developed titl...

Sound Shapes Vita

Sound Shapes Coming To Both Vita & PS3

In what seems like a self destructive move by Sony, they will also be releasing the Vita music game Sound Shapes on its big brother console the Playstation 3. Exciting for people who want to play this game, where sound is very...

MMO Face Capture Everquest 2

Sony Announces Face Capture For Your MMO Character

Titled SOE-Mote, a combination of Sony Online Entertainment and E-Mote, this new addition to SOE’s line of MMOs, starting with Everquest II, will allow your character to speak using not only your voice, but also your faci...

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Next Need For Speed Is Most Wanted By Criterion

It looks like Burnout is finally and truly dead, and Criterion is now the go to developer for slightly higher quality entries in the near shovelware racing series Need for Speed. The announcement was made on the Need for Spee...

Doom 3 BFG Edition

Doom 3 BFG Edition Is Coming

Bethesda either feels like they need to squeeze some cash out of their mistaken investment in id, or Doom 4 is coming sooner than expected, because they just announced the HD collection that nobody ever asked for, Doom 3 BFG Ed...

Modern Warfare 4 Unreal

Rumor: Modern Warfare 4 To Use Unreal Engine 4

With E3 a week away the rumor mills are churning, and of course the biggest titles tend to get the biggest rumors, this one from OXM UK claims that, presumably the next Call of Duty after Black Ops, Modern Warfare 4 will be run...

Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain Creator’s Next Game At E3

If you’ve been clamoring for a new point and click adventure game without the pointing and clicking, and with insanely detailed character models you’re likely about to get what you want at E3. According to Computer ...

Mass Effect 3 Walking Dead Trailer

The Walking Dead Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Tonight on AMC during the broadcast of The Walking Dead Bioware will be showing off a new CG trailer for Mass Effect 3. From the teaser trailer for the real trailer, it seems the Reapers are going to be focusing their attacks o...

Ninja Gaiden 3 E3 Trailer

Day one of E3 brings us gifts from third parties, first off Ninja Gaiden 3, the first mainline Ninja Gaiden without Itagaki, and it’s bloodier than ever. Graphically it looks like it might be a bit improved over the Sigma...

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