The Third Birthday Trailer

Here’s some decent quality off screen footage of The Third Birthday trailer, otherwise known as that Parasite Eve game for the PSP. This game is looking damn good, too good to be tossed on that garbage heap of unpurchased...

13 Laid Off From Ready At Dawn

Ready At Dawn developers of the PSP God Of War games, Daxter, and the deeply flawed port job Okami Wii have announced today that they’ve let go of 13 employees. This routine of mass firings when a project is finished isn&...

New MediEvil Rumored To Be In Developement

According to this month’s issue of PSM3, Sony’s Cambridge Studio is working on developement of a new MediEvil game. There hasn’t been a new entry in the mediocre action series in many years. It’s unclea...

Ivy The Kiwi and Ys Seven Boxart from XSEED

Ivy The Kiwi Wii Boxart Ys Seven PSP Boxart

PSP Go Fuck Yourself To Cost $250.00

…and for you rich Europeans 250.00 euros!!

Target Pulls Manhunt 2 From Shelves

Target will no longer carry Manhunt 2 because of the potential to hack the PSP version to remove the violence filters. ABCNews reporting: On the heels of criticism over its violent content, the video game “Manhunt 2”...

Kid Denied Playstation Hires Hitman To Kill Mom

From Like many middle-class, suburban American parents, Shannan and Joey Troiano worried about their son’s behaviour and his bad grades at high school. And like many wayward teenagers, Cory Ryder was ground...

BiiiiiiirdMAN Delayed

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law has been delayed until sometime in ’08 to avoid being crushed by other holiday releases. Capcom’s Christian Svensson said: “The game is and has been finished, submitted and appr...

Kingdom Hearts Spinoffs Images

Scans/photos of Famitsu click to enlarge. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Internet Outage News Update Roundup

There haven’t been any updates for a while I’ve been having some internet connection issues. With Halo 3 dominating all gaming coverage I haven’t missed much, but here’s some of what I did miss. T...

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