Rock Band

E3 The Beatles Xbox 360 To Get Exclusive DLC Song

The Xbox 360 version of Rock Band’s The Beatles will have exclusive DLC! One whole fucking song!!! The song is All You Need Is Love.

U.S. November NPD Game Sales Outside The Top 10, LTD’s, and Tie Ratios

Select Game Sales Outside The Top 10 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 330,000 360 Rock Band 312,000 Wii Zapper With Link’s Crossbow Training  232,000 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga 180,000 High School Musical 18...

Former Harmonix Developer Jason Booth Explains Why PS3 Games Will “Continue To Suck”

Jason Booth, who worked on Guitar Hero 1 & 2, and Rock Band, blogs about the technical limits of the PS3, and why it’s games “suck”: I read various game forums from time to time, and often see gamers comp...

Rock Band Drums And Microphone Delayed Until February 2008

Gamestop is saying that the individual Drum Set and Microphone peripherals for Rock Band have been delayed until February 4 2008. If you want the drums or microphone you’ll have to buy the entire 169.99 bundle, so ...

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