Project P-100 Characters

Platinum Games Developing Project P-100 For Wii U

Platinum Games the amazing developers behind Bayonetta and Vanquish are working on a game for Wii U. Titled Project P-100, the game features a sort of Pikmin-like control and gathering of people, but you then turn those sub cha...

Unreal Engine 4 Demo

Unreal Engine 4 Tease

Gametrailers/Spike’s GTTV are teasing their Unreal Engine 4 demo, which they will be airing next Thursday. In this promo ad for the upcoming episode of GTTV you can get the slightest of glimpses of what they will be showi...

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Next Need For Speed Is Most Wanted By Criterion

It looks like Burnout is finally and truly dead, and Criterion is now the go to developer for slightly higher quality entries in the near shovelware racing series Need for Speed. The announcement was made on the Need for Spee...

Hitman Absolution Disguised

Hitman Absolution Screens Give Hope – Closed Doors Don’t

These newly released Hitman Absolution screens, show off some very nice visuals, especially for the Hitman series, though 47 being on a small ledge in the sky is slightly troubling given that he’s not supposed to be an ac...

First Shots Of Heavy Rain Move Edition

Sony dropped some screenshots from the upcoming Move edition of Heavy Rain. It looks like these will just be the equivalent of waggle instead of a button press, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be using the full range o...

Alice Madness Returns – American McGee’s Alice 2 First Images and Trailer

EA finally released some media for the Alice sequel Alice: Madeness Returns. It looks like the real deal, the same atmosphere and style with a modern graphical upgrade. The teaser trailer is short, but shows us that they won...

Majesco Announces Flip’s Twisted World For Wii

This game is clearly trying to look as much like Super Mario Galaxy as possible, but it has it’s own world flipping mechanic, and it looks pretty decent. I just hope they replace the coins with gems or energy blobs or som...

Metal Gear Solid 4… No?! Super Smash Bros. Brawl Update – Snake

Check out the Smash Bros. DOJO update for many more pictures, Metal Gear Solid: MGS4 Love Theme, and Snake’s Special Moves.

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