Super Mario Bros Wii

NPD Sales Numbers For June 2010

NPD for June changes things up a little bit with the Xbox 360 just barely taking the number 2 spot thanks to stock clearing sales on the old model 360’s and the release of the 360 short. Red Dead and Galaxy 2 continue to...

NSMB Wii The Best Selling Console Game Since Super Mario Bros In Japan

With the recent release of updated Famistu Japanese LTD sales numbers we can see the New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the best selling home console game since the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Now it’s still quite a...

2.5D Super Mario Bros. Wii!!!!!

Holy shit!  From the Wii booth, the traditional style Super Mario Bros. logo with Wii on the end! Super Mario Bros. Wii 2D style blocks, fire flower!!, and goomba. Here they are lightened  up. This is the real deal folks, pi...

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