Super Mario Galaxy

NPD Sales Numbers For June 2010

NPD for June changes things up a little bit with the Xbox 360 just barely taking the number 2 spot thanks to stock clearing sales on the old model 360’s and the release of the 360 short. Red Dead and Galaxy 2 continue to...

Super Mario Galaxy Sells Over 500k In It’s First Week In The U.S.

America has gone totally gay for Super Mario Galaxy. It sold over 500,000 making it the best first week for a Mario game ever in America. Nintedo press release: REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 20, 2007 – Could Super Mario Galaxy™ be...

Bullshit Spike TV Video Game Awards Nominees

Most Addictive Game Fueled by Fresca Halo 3 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Team Fortress 2 Wii Sports Non-Super Mario Galaxy Game of the Year BioShock Halo 3 Mass Effect The Orange Box Best Shooter BioShock Call of Duty 4: Mo...

Nintendo Conference Off Screen Videos

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King Monster Hunter 3 Super Mario Galaxy Pokemon Ranch Mario Kart Wii (Now With Bikes)

Super Mario Galaxy Official Site (Japan) Launches With Spoiler Filled Opening Sequence Video

Nintendo of Japan has opened up the Official Super Mario Galaxy Homepage. The site has many gameplay videos including this power-ups page which for now only has the Bee Suit & Ghost Suit with four empty slots for future u...


Super Mario Galaxy – U R MR GAY

Notice the white sparkles on the corners of some of the letters, they spell out U R MR GAY. Could this possibly be an accident, or did some Xbox Live kid do the boxart design? Great lookin boxart even if it does make you MR GAY

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