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Microsoft Confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider is not Really Exclusive

As suspected, the Tomb Raider sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider will not actually be exclusive, that is to say exclusively exclusive. Microsoft’s own Phil Harrison, formerly Atari’s own Phil Harrison, formerly SonyR...

Dead or Alive 5 Mila

Dead or Alive 5 Ships 580,000 Copies

At face value 580,000 doesn’t sound like a terrible number for a modern day fighter not named Street Fighter, but it is. First that 580,000 is just the number of copies shipped  to retailers, it’s between two platf...


First Review of Dishonored

CVG has put up their, pretty glowing, review for Dishonored. It seems they liked it quite a fair bit, calling it game of the year, and a once in a generation kind of game, and giving it a 9.5, Gotta save that extra .5 for games...

Beyond Two Souls Cover

Beyond Two Souls Cover Art

Amazon put up this cover image for Beyond: Two Souls. It looks pretty final, and perfectly acceptable for their choose your own adventure game, but you’d think if you’ve spent the cash to use the likeness of Ellen P...


Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Demo Video

This video from French site Gamekyo covers the entire first 24 minutes of “gameplay” for Beyond: Two Souls. There’s also a bit of commentary from the guys showing it, and a lot of crowd noise in general. If yo...

Beyond Ellen Page

Heavy Rain Followup Beyond: Two Souls First Screens

Ellen Page is in this game, for real this time. Sony apparently thinks Ellen Page’s face can sell games, because along with her lookalike in Last Of Us, her visage will be starring in the next Quantic Dream developed titl...

MMO Face Capture Everquest 2

Sony Announces Face Capture For Your MMO Character

Titled SOE-Mote, a combination of Sony Online Entertainment and E-Mote, this new addition to SOE’s line of MMOs, starting with Everquest II, will allow your character to speak using not only your voice, but also your faci...

Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain Creator’s Next Game At E3

If you’ve been clamoring for a new point and click adventure game without the pointing and clicking, and with insanely detailed character models you’re likely about to get what you want at E3. According to Computer ...

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