Assassin's Creed III Early Reviews

First Assassin’s Creed III Reviews

Well the launch day embargo has been lifted and the reviews for Assassin’s Creed III are starting to flood in. If you were looking forward to this 3rd entry in the series, according to the reviewers, you shouldn’t b...

Assassins Creed Liberation

Assassin’s Creed Liberation Vita Bundle Doesn’t Include Game Case

As if these Vita games weren’t easy enough to lose already, the new, likely most wanted, Vita bundle that includes Assassin’s Creed Liberation does not include a case for the game. Quite a needless bit of cheaping o...

Watch Dogs

New Ubisoft IP Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo

With Sony and Nintendo still left to go, so far Ubisoft is the clear winner of E3, even if only for Watch Dogs alone. This game with no platforms as of yet, the guy demoing the game was playing with a generic PC controller, loo...

Assassin's Creed Girl

Vita’s Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation Details

For some reason video game companies not named Nintendo think an article in Game Informer is worth more than a surprising reveal during E3. Following in that trend is the Vita Assassin’s Creed 3 entry Assassin’s Cre...

Ubisoft E3 Teaser

Ubisoft Teasing A New Game For E3

Ubisoft, the French publisher behind titles ranging from Assassin’s Creed to Horsez, has decided to tease one of their E3 reveals. Sending these three pictures to professional viral marketer Wario64 via Twitter, with appa...

Ubisoft Announces Ghost Recon For Wii

Ubisoft today announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon for Wii. This isn’t a traditional Ghost Recon game of course Ubisoft would never do that for Wii, it’s an on rails Ghost Recon game. The good news is it support...

Steam 24hr Sales Week On Ubisoft Games – Ass. First

Steam is having a sale on one Ubisoft game every day of the week for one week. Today’s game is Assassin’s Creed for $10. A steal for one of the best selling shit games of this generation. Here’s a list of othe...

Ubisoft Chibis Up Prince Of Persia: The Fallen King – For DS

Ubisoft is once again proving that they have no idea what gamers want. First they turn the good natured hero Prince into the dark┬áPrince, now just because he’s on the DS they have to turn him into the squatty little boy ...

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